Piano – Voice – Music Theory

If your a beginner or intermediate student looking for professional instruction with a fun, enjoyable teacher then Carl is your guy. You’ll learn solid music skills and be inspired to reach your individual goals.

By teaching music that his students really like and want to play, paired with the traditional musical curriculum, he keeps the lessons fun, interesting and motivational.

This is the real key to his success – customizing the lessons to fit the students interests. Because we all know that if you like something your much more likely to stick with it.

So whether your goal is to play for fun or your dream is to become a professional musician why not learn from one. Study piano or voice with a real working professional.


Teaching piano & voice – ages 5 to adult.

In-home lessons are my speciality.

Recital performance with one of my students. 
Bastien piano books, including Favorite Classic Melodies books + chord theory. Later  on we use the New Real books for jazz standards. Students are also taught blues and boogie piano if they desire and know how to solo. For those interested in composing, we study how to write music, change keys and finish already started compositions.

Sight reading
Chord theory
Boogie woogie
Rock piano
How to figure out song by ear
How to practice effectively 

 Twenty four Italian arias. We will use karaoke tracks for the popular tunes. I have a PA system at my house, or I can bring a portable one to your house to learn to sing with a microphone.

Breath Control
Supporting your voice
Vowel placement
Italian opera voice technique or
Rock, blues, or jazz voice tones
How to sing with a microphone
Recording your voice
Maintaining your voice
How to practice effectively

I’ve been playing since age 6, teaching since 1990, and play piano regularly in Atlanta area clubs & venues. I also do summer bookings in Europe and the Caribbean.

I studied classical piano and music composition, graduating with a degree from Indiana University School of Music in voice. While at IU, I wrote and recorded original compositions while studying jazz piano and improvisation with jazz great David Baker.

After moving to Atlanta I studied with jazz piano artist Ted Howe from 1990-2000.

One of the great lessons Carl’s learned from 25 years of teaching is this: The real key to a music students success is learning to practice correctly, stay motivated, and really enjoy the lessons. This knowledge is at the center of his teaching philosophy:

“Every student is different. My approach is figuring out what works best for each individual and customizing enjoyable lessons around their musical interests.”

Up-to-date on digital keyboards, drum machines and recording equipment – these new tools are learned and utilized in the students curriculum. There are 2 group recitals per school year. Students are encouraged to perform in front of a live audience of family, friends and fellow students.

If your interested in lessons please get in touch and lets talk soon.

My Rates:

If I come to you: $35 1/2 hour – $65 hour.

Students may also come to my home for lessons in Virginia Highlands.

If you come to me: $30 1/2 hour – $60 hour.

let's talk music!